Meet Gail Macintyre

Gail joined Wylie & Bisset in September 2015 shortly after completing her Chartered Accountancy training. Gail is the Charities Supervisor within the Business Services department of the Firm and helps to support our smaller charity clients with their year end reporting requirements.

Gail currently spends most of her free time binge watching her new favourite box set – Chicago Fire

We asked Gail in the hot seat and got to know her a little better.

1.  Full name and job role?   Gail Macintyre, Charities Supervisor

2.  What attracted you to Wylie & Bisset? It’s strong reputation within the industry

3. Other than family, one thing you couldn’t live without? My phone

4. Tea or Coffee? Coffee

5. iPhone or Android? iPhone

6. What is your favourite thing about working for Wylie & Bisset? Getting to know the clients.

7. If you could choose a “dream job” what would that be? Something that involved being paid to travel the world

8. What inspires you most? Helping others and knowing I’ve achieved something at the end of each day.

9. Last time you saw a live band and who was it?  Fatherson at the Barrowlands just before Christmas.

10. Describe yourself in one word – Quiet