Rory McCallAudit Supervisor

When did you begin working here?
I joined the firm in January 2013 from University.

How did you apply for the post?
I emailed a copy of my CV to the training partner at the time. The recruitment process was not as structured as it is now.

What happened during the selection process?
I completed my application online during which I was asked a number of competency questions based on my experiences at University and my previous work experience. I was then contacted by the firm shortly afterwards and held an interview with one of the Audit Partners following which I found out I was successful a few days later.

What are your qualifications?
BAcc (Accounting with Finance) and CA.

What happened on your first day / first week here?
On my first day I was greeted by one of the Audit Partners, following which I was given a tour of the building and introduced to my department and new colleagues. My first couple of days were spent on training and being introduced to internal procedures and learning how to use the software packages.

I spent the rest of my first week out at a client’s premises, helping a more experienced member of staff on an audit engagement and completing some basic fieldwork and testing.

What is a typical day / week for you?
Much of my time is taken up overseeing the progress of audit assignments. A lot of this time is spent out at client premises, carrying out fieldwork and testing work with other members of the department.

The rest of the time I spend in the office, working on the planning and completion phases of the audit process. A lot of my time is also spent liaising with clients regarding ongoing audit assignments, as well as assisting and supervising other staff with their work.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I primarily enjoy the variety of work involved. Whilst most of my time is spent on audit work, no two assignments are ever the same and every engagement I’m involved in has a wide range of work and challenges involved. We service a wide variety of clients and one week I may be working with a smaller client; the next I may be working on the audit of a large group with turnover in the tens of millions of pounds.

As our client base is wide ranging, I also enjoy the regular opportunities to work out of the office, travelling and meeting new clients.

What do you enjoy about working here?
I tend to get on well with all of my colleagues and have a good working relationship with everyone. Most of the firm’s staff are based in Glasgow and staff turnover is low, so I’ve known a number of my colleagues for years.

Everyone at Wylie & Bisset is very helpful and supportive, which I found particularly important when I was first settling in to the firm.

What advice would you give prospective job applicants?
It’s important to know about the firm and its background on a day to day basis, so I’d always advise to do some research on the firm, the type of clients we act for and what services we provide before applying for the role.

I also think it’s also important to be yourself during the application process and show that you have confidence, even if you’re applying for your first job in practice. You might be working at a client’s premises on your first week in the job so it helps to show that you’re happy to take on new challenges straight away.