Lisa HornbyTrainee Chartered Accountant

When did you begin working here?
Summer Intern – June 2015

Trainee Chartered Accountant – July 2016

How did you apply for the post?
I completed an application form through the ICAS website and was contacted a few days later to be invited for an interview.

What happened during the selection process?
I was only required to attend the first stage of the process due to my previous experience as a Summer Intern. This interview was made up of 3 parts: an HR interview with the HR Manager; a short written assessment followed by some calculation questions; and an interview with two Audit Managers. I was contacted a few days later and was offered the job.

What happened on your first day / first week here?
On my first day I was welcomed with a tour of the office and introduced to the staff members in my department. I spent the rest of the day getting to grips with the various software packages used while out on audit. The rest of the week I spent out at a client, assisting in the completion of an audit.

What is a typical day / week for you?
Every week is different. I could spend the week in the office conducting various tasks as part of an audit or I could be working out at client premises with other members of the audit team.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy the variety in my job. Every week I get to meet new people and learn how different businesses and organisations work.

What do you enjoy about working here?
I enjoy working as part of a team who work extremely well together and are always so willing to help each other. Wylie & Bisset operate a rotation scheme for trainees so I have therefore been able to spend some time working in other departments. This has allowed me to develop different skills and experience a different way of working.

What advice would you give prospective job applicants?
I would advise future applicants to research the firm well and to try and think about how the knowledge they gained at university could be applied in a practical environment.