Meet Harvey J. Perrie             


Harvey joined Wylie & Bisset as an apprentice after leaving school and since completing his training has developed a role within the marketing department. In his spare time, Harvey enjoys spending time with his friends, and has a strong interest in film, acting and music.

We invited Harvey into the Hot Seat to get to know him a little better.

1. Full name and job role
Harvey J. Perrie – Digital Marketing Assistant

2. What attracted you to Wylie & Bisset?
I was attracted to first work at the company as an apprentice after seeing the support and opportunities the firm offered for modern apprentices

3. Other than family, one thing you couldn’t live without?

4. Tea or Coffee?

5. iPhone or Android?

6. What’s your favourite thing about working for Wylie & Bisset?
Getting to do a variety of things everyday.

7. If you could choose a “dream job” what would that be?
Music Producer

8. Who was the last live band you seen?
LCD Soundsystem 

9. Describe yourself in one word

10. What inspires you most?
Working hard to achieve good results.