Meet Brendan McGivern             

Brendan is a Trainee Internal Auditor at Wylie & Bisset.  In his spare time you’ll find him honing his darts skills down the local tavern.

We invited Brendan into the Hot Seat to get to know him a little better.

1. Full name and job role
Brendan McGivern – Trainee Internal Auditor

2. What attracted you to Wylie & Bisset?
Strong reputation within Scotland and renowned for training

3. Other than family, one thing you couldn’t live without?
Irn-Bru (original recipe)

4. Tea or Coffee?
See above…

5. iPhone or Android?

6. What’s your favourite thing about working for Wylie & Bisset?
Great colleagues who are all willing to help out

7. If you could choose a “dream job” what would that be?
Professional Traveller

8. Who was the last live band you seen?

9. Describe yourself in one word

10. What inspires you most?
Always striving for better